9:30-10:00Registration and Coffee
10:00-10:20Opening Session
10:20-13:00 Entrepreneurship (chaired by Sandra Chaves)
Invited talks
Bernardo Pequito – Investing in Science based Ventures
Cristina Cruz – Soilvitae: From Knowledge to Society and Business
Coffee break
Submitted communications
Constança Bertrand – Harnessing the lytic power of microalgae microbiome isolates for industrial downstream applications
Gabriela Gonçalves – ProbioVaccine: novel oral vaccines using Bacillus subtilis spores as antigen-displaying vehicles
Ana Marques – Combining ultraviolet light emitting diodes with membrane filtration to develop effective water disinfection systems
António Seixas – Polyclonal antibodies as alternative therapies to fight Burkholderia cenocepacia and Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections
Ana Bragança – Bioprospecting the biotechnological potential of marine microorganisms
Poster discussion
13:00-14:30Lunch & Networking
14:30-17:00Academia-industry partnerships (chaired by Jorge H. Leitão)
Invited talks
Luisa Mauger – Protection of biotechnological inventions by the European Patent
Filipe Centeno – Academia-Industry partnerships: benefits and challenges. Proenol, a case-study
Raquel Madureira & João Fernandes – Alchemy: Microbiology bridging academia and business sectors
Coffee break
Submitted communications
Manuela Corte-Real – Novel strains to overcome emergent challenges in wine production
Diogo Proença – UCCCB as Biological Resource Center for a Sustainable Bioeconomy
Pedro Reynolds-Brandão – Monitoring productivity and status of Phaeodactylum tricornutum cultures using spectroscopy and machine learning
Jorge Padrão – Assessing textile antiviral properties
Maria João Sousa – Phenotypic and metabolic characterization of a Torulaspora delbrueckii strain collection towards its exploitation in wine and bread industries
17:00-17:30Closing session (Best Communication Awards*)

* Best Oral Communications Awards
The Oral Communications will be evaluated and the best one from each Symposium will be granted with an award sponsored by Nzytech.
The Jury will be composed by Scientific Committee members, together with the Invited Speakers, who will rank the works.
Evaluation criteria will include:
– Innovation
– Originality
– Application potential
– Feasibility
Winners will receive a Certificate and 100 € in a Nzywallet to get products from the sponsor.

Confirmed Speakers

Bernardo Pequito – Beta Capital, SA

His great passion is to build and develop new businesses with a positive impact on society.

Over the last years, he has been dedicated to the tech start-up ecosystem as investment director at Beta Capital, where he analyses over 300 investment opportunities a year. He currently manages Beta Innovation VC Fund and is a Board Member at WeNou, a start-up providing DNA-based analytical services on food authenticity, safety and quality.

Before completing his MBA at Porto Business School, Bernardo founded Wipanto, a digital marketing start-up automatizing loyalty and marketing campaigns for SMEs and was the managing partner in Portugal of the international mobile app software house Digimark. He is also the founding partner of a boutique communications agency, turnU. He has a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Porto.


Luisa Mauger – European Patent Office

She graduated in Chemical Engineering (division of
Biotechnology) by IST and holds a PhD in Biotechnology from the Technische Universität Graz, Austria.

Since 1997 Luísa Gonçalves Mauger is patent examiner in the fields of Biotechnology and Medical diagnostics at the European Patent Office (EPO), in Munich, Germany.

Cristina Cruz – Soilvitae, Lda.

She is an Assistant Professor at Faculty of Science, Lisbon University, and a Researcher at cE3c – Center for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes and in CHANGE – Global Change and Sustainability Institute. She is also a founding member of the company SOILVitae since 2014.

Her research is focused on soil ecology and symbiotic interactions among organisms sharing resources in a common habitat. This research aims to contribute to better understand the ecosystems and seek for innovative R&D solutions that can support sustainable agriculture practices to be implemented by farmers.

Currently, she continues to manage SOIlvitae’s activities and to stimulate the young team in order to consolidate the goals achieved and define the ambitions that will guide them in the coming years.


João Fernandes – Alchemy project

He is a Senior Researcher at the Alchemy project and responsible for the innovation laboratories in Biomolecules, focused on the development of innovative products and concepts in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and biomedical areas. Throughout his career he has worked for some of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the development of biological therapies, mostly targeting autoimmune and oncological conditions. A member of the Royal Society of Biology, he has co-authored more than 100 scientific publications.

Together with Alchemy Scientific Coordinator Prof. Manuela Pintado, both João and Raquel started Alchemy in 2016, contributing to the elaboration and implementation of the project regarding the conceptualization of ideas and new processes and products, and the establishment of the necessary resources for the execution of this project at Universidade Católica do Porto.

Filipe Centeno – Proenol, SA

He is Technical Director of Proenol -Indústria Biotecnológica.

He has a degree in Chemical Engineering by the University of Aveiro and a PhD in Chemical Process and Environmental Engineering by the Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse.

He started his career as a researcher at the Laboratoire de Génie Chimique de Toulouse, where he provided research services to the Commissariat d’Energie Atomique and to the company Omya.

In 2001 he joined Proenol, where he worked as process engineer and later as production manager. In 2007, he became responsible for the R&D department where he took over the development of process engineering and new products. He also provided technical support to the various markets where Proenol is present. In 2014 he was invited to assume the technical direction of Proenol.

He is co-author of several scientific and technical articles in the field of oenological microbiology.

Raquel Madureira – Alchemy project

She is a Senior Researcher at the Alchemy project and an Invited Assistant Professor at Escola Superior de Biotecnologia and is the leader of the CBQF’s “Fermentation Solutions” research group, responsible for the execution of the Alchemy project. Throughout her career she has been involved in several industry driven projects for the development of processes for waste /by-products valorisation and conceptualization of innovative products for food, cosmetic and other applications responding to the needs of the population and the environment. Member of several European Projects evaluation and editorial panels of scientific journals. She is co-author of more than 90 internationally indexed publications and has been involved in the supervision of more than 20 doctoral and master theses.

Together with Alchemy Scientific Coordinator Prof. Manuela Pintado, Raquel and João started Alchemy in 2016, contributing to the elaboration and implementation of the project regarding the conceptualization of ideas and new processes and products, and the establishment of the necessary resources for the execution of this project at Universidade Católica do Porto.



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